We are leaders in efficient commercial asset and property management.

We embrace the challenges of the complex investment environment filled with uncertainties and continuous change, using experience, innovation and dedication. Our strategies seek to generate excess returns and preserve capital, by focusing on independent research and investment process.

A-Plus Management & Consultation

We are a boutique Asset Management and Property Management company based in Cairo. Our team is comprised of managers and analysts with strong experience and track record. We partner with institutional and professional investors and landowners to provide investment management, institutional advisory and wealth management services. The company has a streamlines and dynamic structure that can adapt to any market environment.

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A-Plus is built on years of detailed first-hand experience and knowledge across different fields and markets. You will get access to vast fields of relevant, up-to-date and world-class information to best serve your company.


We do not settle, ever. Even with excellent results exceeding your expectations, we are always hungry for more for your business. Innovation is the name of the game, and we are constantly looking to enhancing your company.


Dedication beyond limits. Our passion for what we do and what we can do for your company drives us to relentlessly keep pushing. We dedicate all our time and effort to ensure you get the best management experience and achieve the best results.

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